NORTON Town Council has been given the go-ahead to introduce a byelaw to ban parking on grass verges.

The byelaw would prevent parking on the mown verges along Welham Road, Beverley Road, Langton Road, Scarborough Road, Langley Drive and Hambleton Road.

The council's aim is to prevent further damage to the verges, allow clear access during mowing operations and discourage their use as car parks.

Cllr John Howard said Norton councillors have been considering the proposals for some time as, due to the increase in vehicle ownership, residents have started to park on the mown verges in front of their homes.

“The vehicles cause damage to the verges and prevent council contractors from mowing the grass below the parked vehicle.

Norton Town Council members said introducing the byelaw would help prevent damage to the verges, particularly during winter when the ground is soft and the grass is dormant.

It will also ensure access to the verges when town council contractors are mowing the grass, protect planted bulbs from damage, prevent horse-riding on the verges and also put in place a precautionary measure to prevent travellers from using the verges as campsites.

Once implemented an officer of the council would advise an offender to move the vehicle from the verge.

Only on refusal or repeated offending would the matter be referred to a magistrate. The recommended fine would be £500.

The proposed areas are Welham Road - Mown grass verges, on both sides of the road, between Beechwood Road and Whitewall, extending south to the frontage of house numbers 185 and 186; Beverley Road, Mown grass verges, on both sides of the road, between Furlongs Avenue and Dairy Way; Langton Road, Mown grass verges, on both sides of the road, between The Ridings and Bazeley’s Lane; Scarborough Road, mown grass verges, on both sides of the road, between Parliament Street and Westfield Avenue; Langley Drive and Hambleton Road, Mown grass verges, on the southern/eastern side of the road, between Langton Road and Woodlands Avenue.

The council is currently seeking representations from the public and thelosing date for representations is the May 7.

The proposed byelaw can be viewed on or at the Council offices at The Old Court House in Commercial Street.

Following the receipt of the representations the Council will decide over the following six months to review the representations and formally decide whether or not to enact the proposed byelaw.

If the proposed byelaw is enacted it will be publicised seven days before it is enacted.