For well over thirty years John has driven a Land Rover. No frills variety. His most recent previous purchase ( nearly five years ago) being the Defender model. The only vehicle we have owned that actually when it came to selling it, went for more money than it had cost new.

Last year we went a trifle upmarket and bought a Land Rover Discovery. Although our Defenders were much loved, it must be admitted that if we were planning a long journey, my car, an estate, was the vehicle of choice. This last year, IF, we had gone away, we would have taken the Discovery. But it was not to be, and I think less than 3,000 miles, for the whole year, was all that went on the odometer.

Whilst watching the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, with his coffin carried on the Land Rover Defender, whose modified chassis he had designed for that specific purpose several years ago, I mused on the special place that the marque has in peoples hearts. Especially farmers. Which was why I was surprised when a neighbour called in this morning and told us about his plans for a new vehicle in his life. A Bentley. He is definitely going upmarket. Or. Being a canny soul. Making a shrewd investment.

“Why a Bentley? ” I asked. It doesn’t seem a likely farm vehicle. Not the point I was told. This vehicle is a bit of a vanity project. He will still have a belt and braces farm 4x4 to tow a trailer for livestock and to bump over farm tracks, but fancies something a little more up market for leisure times. And hopefully as an investment.

Meanwhile my investment for family Christmas lunches is making rapid progress. The six goslings. They are growing fast. .

Moss our spaniel is besotted with them. If I can’t find her I know where she is. Sat by the goslings run and gazing adoringly through the wire netting. This really irritates our sheepdog Fizz who cannot see the attraction. It was hard to find fertile goose eggs this year. Many of our friends have had zero success with hatching goose eggs laid by their own geese. I had flirted with the idea of keeping a trio of geese to collect our own eggs next year, but this idea has been firmly squashed by John. So next Spring will see me back at the farm gate for a sitting of eggs. Fingers crossed he has some to sell.