More readers have been sharing their experiences of meeting Tom Cruise this week.

Fans have described the star as 'a really lovely guy' after he spent time chatting to local residents during a break from filming.

The 58-year-old actor is thought to be filming his latest movie, Mission Impossible 7 in which he stars as Ethan Hunt, near Levisham.

Harriet Allen and her mum, Amy, were lucky enough to meet Tom near Levisham station yesterday (Wednesday).

Harriet said: "My mum and I live in Pickering and a few months ago we heard a rumour that Tom Cruise had been spotted getting off a helicopter up the railway line.

"We didn’t think much of it till I did a bit of Googling and things started to happen on the railway - two carriages and a strange train appeared one weekend when we were out walking."

Harriet said: "Last weekend my parents spotted a huge marquee up on the old trout farm site and we heard the helicopters, so last night we went up to levisham to see what was going on!

"We kept away from the crew and sat on the moor, watching the train speed off and followed by a helicopter filming it. But then the train came back about 20 mins later, and they all got off.

"We decided to cautiously wander to the station and we saw Tom say hello to the small bunch of onlookers on his way to his trailer. Then an assistant came out of his trailer to ask who were the ones having photos. We assumed it was all pre-arranged but they came to each bubble of people, handing out masks if any one needed and organising our photos before the star himself appeared, with trademark aviators!

"He was lovely and gracious, stopping for photos with everyone and commented on how much he liked Yorkshire. A really lovely guy - he didn’t need to come and do this, we were quite taken aback."

Harriet has since been interviewed by Zoe Ball on BBC Radio Two and Radio York which she described as 'very cool!'

Mandy Ring, also from Pickering, said it had been a pleasure to meet Tom.

"He was very pleasant to talk to ,he spent time with everyone taking photos and chatting. He wasn't in a rush to get away.

"I asked him if he liked the North Yorkshire and he said it was fantastic. I also asked if filming was going well and he said it was. 

"We talked about the good weather they were having for doing all the filming.

"I like watching his films he's a good actor. He was very nice and a it was a pleasure to meet him."

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