THIS week's Stars of the Week are members of the 1st Norton Scout Group.

The members have had a difficult year due to the covid pandemic which has restricted activities and fundraising.

However, the group has managed to organise a car treasure hunt to help raise money.

A spokesperson said: "This is our first fund raiser for over a year.

"Last year we were supposed to have some big celebrations to mark our scout group’s 70th anniversary so it is nice to be able to do an activity that everyone can join in with, albeit socially distanced still."

They added: "Usually every family has to pay for their child’s insurance for a year of scouting, but due to the pandemic and the lack of activities we have been able to do, our group has paid everyone’s for them this year.

"But we now need to recoup that large chunk of funding, so we are hoping the treasure hunt will help to do that."

Entry is £5 per car and the treasure hunt runs until Monday, May 3 with a prize for the winning team.

For more information email or find 1st Norton Scouts on Facebook.