PROFESSIONAL motorsport photography is a specialism that requires sharp instincts.

There is no second chance for a shot in the world of motorsport.

Chris Lazenby has been honing those instincts since 2019 – aiming to become the UK’s largest supplier of automotive and motorsport inspired artwork.

Despite the pandemic putting paid to many of his plans, the Helmsley photographer is continuing to nurture his automotive artwork passion, which sees him travelling the world.

Before Covid-19 hit, Chris had photographed events in Dubai, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, USA and Holland, supplying images to some of the world’s leading GT teams as well as manufacturers such as Mercedes AMG and Aston Martin.

Many of 2020’s plans were put on hold, however, despite restrictions in place due to Covid-19, Chris has more recently been allowed to travel for work with the appropriate safety measures in place.

In December, he was able to go to Kyalami in South Africa and in February 2021 he headed to Daytona in Florida – both firsts for him in terms of the motorsport events he was covering.

“I feel extremely lucky to have been able to cover the events I have in the last few months," said Chris, owner of Lazenby Visuals.

"Seeing the wildlife in South Africa was something I’ll never forget, and it was an amazing opportunity to cover the Daytona event and it’s certainly one I’d want to do again.

"As travel options open up, I hope to be back working across Europe and the US by the summer, with options in Japan and back in South Africa later in the year."

Whilst not being able to travel as much, Chris is working on building his art gallery which specialises in automotive art, bringing together artwork from artists based all around the world.

“I upload small albums from each event to my website for people to view, and it’s great to hear the feedback I get from fellow car fans," added Chris.

"Another way I’ve been developing my passion, as the pandemic rules have allowed, is to offer non-motorsport car photography for those who would like photos of their own cars.

"There’s some amazing collections in this country which deserve to be captured for posterity.”

All Chris’ work, and that of other artists, is available via