A WEST Heslerton musician is bidding for a hit-record after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Steve Ronson, also known as Ron Mozart, has released a single called “You’re the One” dedicated to his wife, Joy. It is hoped the proceeds might help Joy continue to live in their cottage after he’s gone.

Steve has been writing songs and playing in bands since 1971. In 1978, he was offered a recording contract, but chose to become a teacher.

Steve carried on writing songs and performing them with various bands until he was diagnosed with renal cancer in 2016.

He underwent nephrectomy, followed by the removal of half of his right lung. In April 2018, Steve was informed that the cancer had spread to his spine and it was inoperable.

The last three chemotherapy have failed, and eventually the tumour will compress his spinal cord and Steve will become paralysed from the chest downwards.

Despite the unknown, Steve writes and records music to raise awareness for charities such as St Catherine’s and the UK Angelman Charity.

“I have good and bad days, but music is a constant source of happiness,” said Steve.

“I started playing the piano at six-years-old and eventually started playing the clarinet and guitar. I started playing in a band, and we even received a recording contract.

“For one reason or another, it sadly didn’t work out - but I found another passion in teaching.

“You’re the One is the best song of my career and dedicated to my beautiful wife, Joy. Listeners will have empathy with the words and will recognise their own relationships.

“I never write music with money in mind, but we have sacrificed so much since my terminal cancer diagnosis. I retired earlier than expected, which effected the pension pot and we downsized to rented accommodation.

“Despite everything, Joy has been a constant source of positivity and this song is shouting ‘you’re my one’ from the roof tops. It would mean everything for people to buy my music, empathise with the lyrics and spread the word.”

Carly Jones, Steve’s manager, added: “Steve carries on, regardless of everything, writing and recording his songs. His positivity is inspiring.

“Although Steve struggles with the side-effects of his treatment, he manages to get into the studio most days, to record.

“Steve writes all his own material and ‘You’re the One’ is about his wife, reaffirming his love for her.

“It’s over five minutes of pure heart-warming joy and happiness, from the first twang of a twelve-string guitar to the joyous bursts of the trumpets and trombones at the end, this song will have you singing and dancing along to it.

“Having worked tirelessly and enthusiastically in education for many years, really making a difference to children’s lives, Steve deserves a reward. To really be a star with a hit record would be a wonderful, before Cancer gets the better of him.”

The single is available on CD, as a download or streaming, from www.ronmozart.com