A BUSINESSMAN who has helped deliver hundreds of meals to NHS staff and vulnerable members of the community has been fined by police for having the incorrect insurance.

Victor Buchanan, who owns The White Swan Inn in Pickering, said he had been stopped by police on Friday evening

"Having seen me making a domestic food delivery, they cautioned me, saying my car wasn’t insured for volunteer deliveries and called up a tow-truck.

"I explained why I was delivering to the male officer, thinking that he would just advise me to sort it out as soon as possible.

"On January 18, I changed insurance and took it as read that my car was still covered for business activity- as it has been for 20 years, however the underwriters had made a genuine mistake and my car wasn’t covered for ‘business’. For this I am really sorry. I’m not the sort of person who cuts corners on this type of thing. I managed to get an insurance cover note issued and emailed to the police just before the tow truck arrived

"My car wasn’t impounded but old ladies who were relying on us for their supper were disappointed. I’ll still get six points on my clean license and a £300 fine."

Victor, who with his wife, Marion, launched a 'Holiday for Heroes' campaign last year to provide an overnight stay to 200 NHS workers following lockdown and has also provided refreshments for volunteers marshalling the vaccine roll-out, said:"I’m disappointed and sorrowed by their treatment. Is the public interest really being served, and with all the challenges being faced by business like mine, some are barely hanging in there and not as fortunate as me."

North Yorkshire Police declined to comment.