A SCHOOL has received a 'glowing' review from the Good Schools Guide.

One of the UK’s most trusted guide to schools spent a day at Terrington Hall Prep School, speaking with pupils and staff members and exploring the site.

Headmaster Simon Kible, who joined the school in September 2020, welcomed the independent reviewers, sharing with them his vision of ‘developing the bubble of a perfect childhood experience.’

In a statement, the guide said: “Terrington is an unpretentious school where pupils come from a range of backgrounds.

“We felt as if we were entering an Austen novel, and indeed would have felt very much at home arriving in a horse drawn carriage.’

“It has a real family feel where children can truly be children and where they become happy, successful and ready for the challenges of their chosen senior school.”

Terrington Hall Prep School is a co-educational day and boarding school for children between the ages of three and 13-years-old.

A spokesperson from Terrington Hall Prep School said: "Editorially independent and with no payment received from schools for their reviews, parents and prospective parents value the unbiased, forthright portraits that the Good Schools Guide has successfully published for more than 30 years.

"The school provides a nurturing learning environment, supported by small class sizes, specialist teaching and strong pastoral care.

“The focus in the early years is to develop a love of school and a love of learning whilst laying strong foundations for future academic success.

“From an early age, the Pre-Prep pupils have access to the main school facilities, including the indoor swimming pool and sports hall.

“Drama, performance and public speaking are part of the culture with the Headmaster keen for all pupils to have taken part in LAMDA exams before leaving in year 8.

“In 2020, nine pupils were awarded scholarships to Durham, The Mount and Ampleforth."