Yorkshire wildlife artist Robert E Fuller has recorded rare footage of a tawny owl laying its first egg this week.

The owl, nicknamed Luna, was filmed on cameras hidden inside a purpose-built nest at the artist’s home in Thixendale.

The artist said he was ‘delighted’ although very surprised when Luna laid her first egg on Monday, January 25th. Tawny owls usually lay their eggs in March so it is very unusual for them to lay in winter time. “Although it is very early for a tawny owl to lay eggs in winter, it’s not unheard of, and I’m looking forward to seeing her complete the clutch,” he said. “It means we could have tawny owl chicks to watch here at Fotherdale by the end of February.”

Luna the tawny owl is expected to lay a second egg on Wednesday, January 27th, and then every other day until her clutch is complete.

For a chance to glimpse these tawny owl eggs as they are laid watch Robert Fuller’s YouTube Owl Livestream here: https://youtu.be/v8nW_wtAhzc