WE feel it is about time our local doctors’ practice received a few thanks for their herculean efforts during the last few weeks. We are sure all us patients are aware of the speed at which the Covid vaccinations were made available to us. Very well done, and so efficiently performed, ‘Just like clockwork’ as they say. All the staff deserve the highest praise for their attitude, politeness, good humour and hard work. We wish them all a very Happy New Year and if the past is anything to go by, we have nothing to fear!

Chris & Jane Paxton.

Malton Show your support for our farmers DESPITE the ongoing severe difficulties we are all facing, British farmers have played their part in ensuring there is sufficient food for us all.

I would like to ask that your readers show their support by adopting the NFU’s Back British Farming New Year’s Resolution which is made up of three main components: Looking for the Red Tractor when grocery shopping; buying seasonal food wherever possible; eating a balanced, British diet.

These pledges recognise that British farmers produce food of high environmental standards, of low food miles and which tastes great.

And please remember that when a farmer gets a pound in his pocket he spends it in the local economy which for Ryedale is great news for countless other businesses.

Thank you for your support.

Rob Hicks Ryedale NFU Group Secretary Where are people supposed to park?

THE Government at the moment is trying to get people to stop at home.

On Commercial Street in Norton, the street only has half an hour parking and no return within two hours.

This is a residential street, Scarborough Council patrol this for parking, and Scarborough Council and Ryedale District Council say the people who live there and are on lockdown, cannot park there.

Where are they supposed to park if they are not classed as an essential worker?

This is not what the government want, worrying about money to pay parking tickets. During the first lockdown in March these parking restrictions were suspended, what is the difference now? Are traffic wardens an essential worker ?

During lockdown people cannot go to work, so that means easy money for the council at a time when money is very tight.

Mark Webster Norton

Farmers need our support

Following on from the letters in the Gazette and Herald recently from Councillor Nathan Garbutt Moore and the Chairman of The Livestock Market in Malton, Pat Foxton, I would like to thank them both for highlighting the contribution that farmers in this country make to food production. I could not agree more strongly with the statement about the “hard work and dedication that goes into producing food for this country”. 

However at the heart of this discussion is the support which British Farmers need to enable them to maintain high standards of food welfare. 

Let me remind the readers that the site currently ear-marked for the new Livestock Market was once a good food producing field with excellent fertile soil. The 45 acres site contributed to the self sufficiency talked about in both parties’ letters. It provided a good living for farmers. This field has now stood empty for almost 6 years. That is 6 years of producing food, this country has missed out on. This field continues to stand empty today and is used by dog walkers, fly tippers and occasionally joy riders! I have never seen our rural community looking such a mess. Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but where was the consideration here about protecting the environment or British farmers?

However, we must not debate or moan about what has already happened. Councillors and Planners agreed to the development and we move on and learn from our mistakes. Or do we?

As I write this letter today, we have recently become aware that a further 180 acres of this good farming land, in this same area, is to be considered for further, non- agricultural development.  That’s potentially 225 acres of food producing land in Malton taken away from farmers and out of food production!

As we learn more about this development, I sincerely hope both Councillor Nathan Garbutt Moore and Pat Foxton will remember their comments about “representing the rural community with farming at its heart. The hard work and the dedication that goes into producing food in this country, sustainability, self sufficiency, food security, looking after our environment and food for the future.” If we cannot rely on the Government to support the farming industry and what it stands for, then we must look to our local Leaders, Councillors and Landowners to start supporting the people at the very heart of the food chain, the British Farmers! Isn’t Malton supposed to be the Food Capital of the North after all? 

Emma Sturdy 

 Old Malton 

Stroke prevention A NEW survey by the Stroke Association shows that over half (51%) of people in Yorkshire and Humber don’t know that high blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for stroke. You can start to reduce your risk of stroke by making small changes to your lifestyle.

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Juliet Bouverie Chief Executive Thought for week Most of us are wary of taking things on trust. We prefer to see for ourselves. One of Jesus’ disciples, Philip, was already convinced that Jesus was the Messiah, so he invited Nathaniel to meet Jesus. It was only when Nathaniel had encountered Jesus for himself that he was convinced. Then – all was different! Nathaniel declared Jesus to be the Son of God. We can’t see Jesus, but the testimony of the disciples, and the experience of countless millions over two thousand years, is surely sufficient for us to say, “Jesus is the Son of God”.

Based on John chapter 1 verses 43 – 51 Submitted by Churches Together in Southern Ryedale