PLANS for eight new homes in Rillington have been approved despite concerns from the parish council.

The outline application, by A & D Sturdy Ltd, is for land at 26 Scarborough Road, following the demolition of existing buildings.

In a report to Ryedale District Council’s (RDC) planning committee, Rillington Parish Council, said: “While we realise this is for outline planning permission only and specific points can only be raised when inspecting the actual detailed application when it is made. There has been a great deal of development in Rillington over recent years with local infrastructure straining almost to breaking point as a direct result. In general terms the parish council feels that further development is unwise as the village is already becoming over developed. The use of the A64, which is already a very busy road effectively splitting the community into two halves due to traffic volume is unsuitable for use as a local vehicle entrance/exit to such a development.”

Concerns were also raised by a number of nearby residents over a lack of privacy, access to and from the site along with an increase in traffic.

One neighbour said: “We wish to object to this on health grounds. Our position at the boundary of this development will mean the amount of dust produced will be detrimental to health, including our asthma and stress.”

“We will not be able to open our windows or doors and have only one door which faces the development.”

They added: “The distress and anxiety this will cause will mean we will have to put our property on the market and this will cause upheaval.”

However, a report to the planning committee stated: “It is considered that subject to a sensitive design and the submission of an appropriate reserved matters scheme, this could have the potential to improve the overall character of the area and streetscene..

“In terms of enhanced noise and disturbance, it is not considered that the proposed development would materially affect the residential amenity of surrounding neighbouring properties. Traffic would now pass the residential properties along St Andrew’s Court, however this would be at relatively low speeds and would not pass any private amenity spaces.”

“Consequently it is not considered to be dissimilar to the circumstances of much of the surrounding residential development in the locality.”

It was approved, subject to a number of conditions.