A SHOPPING mall in Ryedale is using a new anti-Covid fogging system to help keep shoppers safe this Christmas.

World Wide Shopping Mall in Malton has teamed up with Hessle-based Fox Group to treat its products and touch points with the mist, which, its says, forms a barrier to keep Covid at bay for up to 90 days.

Simon Chalk, one of the Mall’s directors, said: “The lead-up to Christmas is clearly a busy time here at the Mall, which means our staff are working harder, and longer hours. It highlights the importance of keeping our working environment as safe as we can, and the efforts of the fogging team have given us that extra peace of mind in creating a safe working environment.”

When the UK went into lockdown in March, Fox Group sourced the anti-viral mist used on London’s tube network, and has since used it in medical centres, schools and the hospitality sector.

Managing director Andrew Fox said: “In the past we had to take a reactive approach – when a Covid case was reported we carried out a deep clean which included the fogging procedure. The new system is a lot more effective and makes it much easier for businesses to plan ahead.

“It prevents Covid from settling on surfaces including all touch points and is still effective if the virus mutates. It works on fabrics, plastics, metal, ceramics, carpet, timber and depending on the environment in which it is used it can be effective for up to 90 days. We guarantee it for a minimum of 60 days and we can carry out weekly tests to make sure it is still effective.”

World Wide Shopping Mall, which was founded online more than 20 years ago and has operated a mini-department store of several small shops in Malton since 2003, is currently focusing on web orders.

Simon said: “The physical shops are still closed because the units are small and it’s not safe for customers to socially-distance but we are operating a click and collect service and delivering further afield and we’ve fogged all the areas – shops, offices and storage areas.”

“Covid has brought a surge in internet ordering which means we have been able to keep our business open even during the darkest days of lockdown. Keeping our staff in jobs is vitally important to our operation. They are like family to us, and their welfare and safety is paramount. As such we were looking for a simple and cost effective way of helping to keep our workplace safe and became aware of Andrew’s company.”