North Yorkshire Police is warning motorists not to make 2020 even worse by drinking and driving this Christmas.

The typical rise in the number of people who drink and drive at Christmas could be compounded by the recent reopening of the hospitality sector, officers fear.

National research also shows that the amount people drink has risen significantly during lockdown.

In North Yorkshire, officers will be conducting roadside breath tests around the clock, including mornings when many motorists are caught over the limit from the night before.

Key routes and rural backroads will be targeted and information about possible offenders will be shared and acted on.

Anyone convicted of drink or drug driving gets a criminal record and is subject to an automatic driving ban of at least 12 months and large fines. Serious offenders can also be jailed.

Traffic Sergeant Andy Morton, said: “It’s fair to say 2020’s been a terrible year and one that most people will want to put behind them. However, it’ll get even worse for those who are caught drink driving.

“We see how upset and remorseful some people are as they sit in custody – and that’s before their families find out or the courts take their licence, fine them and given them a criminal record.

“But we also see first-hand the horrendous injuries, fatalities and carnage drink drivers cause not only to themselves, but to innocent people.

"When you’ve had to pick up body parts from the carriageway and break devastating news to families, you have no sympathy for those who choose to drink and drive.

“My plea to drivers is look after your mates, be aware you may still be over the limit the morning after and never, ever just chance it.

“Don’t make 2020 even worse – don’t drink and drive.”