A MALTON shop owner will feature on BBC Panorama tonight (Tuesday) in a programme focusing on the challenges local businesses face during the coronavirus pandemic.

Liz Kemp, who owns shops Kemps General Store in Malton, and Kemps on the Coast in Whitby, took part in “Business on the Brink”, a candid film following firms in North Yorkshire since the summer across both lockdown periods.

Liz’s shop, Kemps on the Coast in Whitby, features first when non-essential shops were beginning to reopen after the first lockdown in June.

The filming continues in August when Liz has extended into the next door shop in her Malton location to create a larger gift shop and expand her book offer, creating Kemps Books.

Filming in November includes Liz preparing to shut her newly-expanded shop again for the second lockdown and the programme closes with Liz preparing to reopen tomorrow (Wednesday).

Liz said: “My commentary is an honest opinion of how hard it has been, the challenges myself and my partner Jonathan have had to overcome and our resilience and commitment to keeping both shops running.

“The filming has been a challenge in itself, but I hope many small businesses can find some optimism in this current situation.

“I haven’t seen the programme myself yet, and I will certainly be watching, but I am just one of the businesses included.”

Liz added: “I send all the business owners that took part my best wishes for the future.

“We are a diverse group, but our passion for our businesses is shared.”

Panorama, Business on the Brink, is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

For more information, go to bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000pz51