A CHARITY which provides services to visually impaired people in Ryedale has received a £3,686 grant from the Wilfred Jackson Will Trust.

Sight Support Ryedale, based in Norton, supports blind and partially-sighted, by providing social, practical and emotional support.

The funds provided by the Wilfred Jackson Will Trust will be used to provide low vision reading assessments.

“This is a service that other local sight loss organisations, across the UK, are already offering,” said Julie Atkinson, Sight Support Ryedale manager. “During the assessment, which includes the use of natural, as well as artificial, lighting, and

the range of magnification aids which are available, we also discuss daily living aids and other equipment, that can support a visually impaired person’s independent living.

“We can also signpost the person to other local and national services that they may find useful.

“We have received generous support from the Wilfred Jackson Will Trust in the past and we are delighted that the trustees have chosen to support us again with this donation.

“Being supported by the Wilfred Jackson Will Trust means a lot to us; Wilfred Jackson was a well-known local builder who left part of his estate, in a trust fund, to help disadvantaged people in Malton and Norton.

“His generosity enables us to continue to deliver safe and appropriate activities for our sight impaired members.”

For more information about Sight Support Ryedale and its services, go to sightsupportryedale.org

To receive a copy of its quarterly newsletter, phone 01653 698860 or email enquiries@sightsupportryedale.org