AS autumn marches on there is rarely time to reflect, but October has made me think of one business which has been here in Malton, day in, day out for the last 12 years.

Malton Relish, the attractive burgundy fronted delicatessen on Market Place first opened in 2009, the same year the Malton Food Lovers Festival began.

The brainchild of Sophie Legard, a local girl with a passion and knowledge for good food has been warming the cockles of our hearts ever since.

Her vision has always been to serve local people great food and it seems that really nothing has changed.

This week I caught up with Sophie to hear about the secret of her success, her new plans and to reminisce about her own journey.

“I think what’s been keeping me going these years,” Sophie starts, “is Malton, I just love it.

“I love that the locals here support small independents like me and do genuinely try to keep the high street going. I feel lucky to be here.”

As I eye up the tempting counter with tasty pies, game rolls, freshly made hollandaise, mackerel pate, cakes, sweet treats, even “escargot” from France, I feel it’s really us who are the lucky ones.

Sophie is keen to plug her new website to offer her gourmet treats to a new and wider audience.

One of the main features is “Everything but the Turkey”, the chance to get everything for your Christmas dinner, all the trimmings, pigs in blankets, stuffing, etc, but ready to warm up on the day.

It will, she thinks, be “totally delicious and should make your Christmas dinner even easier than usual”.

Talking to Sophie, I’m reminded that it’s her passion, her dedication for all things culinary that really does translate into her work and the food you try at her cheerful shop.

I’m still asked by friends in Southport (who years ago sampled her pheasant and chorizo sausage rolls) whether they can get more. he answer is,of course, just head over the Pennines and get to Malton Relish.

Here’s to you Sophie and to Malton Relish - delicious, reliable and now offering “Everything but the Turkey” this Christmas.