TRIBUTES have been paid to an “amazing woman” whose love for her family “knew no bounds”.

Andrea Hymas, who lived in Swinton, died on August 31, aged 50, after suffering a brain bleed.

The elder of twin girls by 20 minutes, Andrea was the second child of Thomas and Ida Woodward, with an older brother, Tommy, twin sister Linda Woodward and younger brother, Nick.

Her early years were spent in Pickering and mostly living at Costa Way, which was the family home from age of two until she married Gary in 1992 at the age of 22.

Andrea’s sister Linda said they had an enjoyable childhood, attending Pickering Infant School, Pickering Junior School and Lady Lumley’s School.

Linda said: “We were inseparable, and anyone who knew one of us generally knew the other one too,

“Although not sure if we were medically identical, to most people we shared the same features, apart from Andrea had a distinguishing birth mark the size of a five pence piece on the right-hand side of her face just below the eye, our mother Ida had to paint one on my face as I wanted one.”

Andrea’s love for entertaining started at a young age where the twins enjoyed entertaining the neighbourhood and would put on little shows in the garden, also visiting elderly neighbours to perform shows to them.

They attended Angela Kirkham’s ballet school and were part of the Red Cross, Brownies and Guides and other dance schools and swimming clubs. They were active members of the school’s youth club and could be often found practicing for performing in the dancing competitions.

Linda said: “Andrea’s creative side also shone at school, her love for creating models continued into her making props for the local theatre group, where for a number of years she would be an active member of the Malton Panto, both performing in the chorus of the pantos and being involved in making the props.”

After leaving school Andrea worked at the Red House dental surgery, while also workng two nights a week at the Horse Shoe Pub in Pickering, where she met her husband, Gary.

Linda said: “Andrea and Gary had the relationship that most people can only dream of, they shared values, especially when it came to family, shared interests, similar backgrounds, and of most importance a shared vision of the future and to anyone who knew them could see the love and it was in every sense a true partnership.”

The couple’s first son Adam was born in 1993, followed by Callum two years later. After a spell living in Knaresborough, the family moved back to Malton.

Linda said: “Andrea and Gary had a love for travel, so for a number of years they have travelled to Grand Canaria, their home in mainland Spain and also recently bought a camper van.

“Ever the social couple, they loved to meet up with friends, dressing up for York races or going to a charity ball, or just over to the local pub.

Linda said: “Andrea’s love for her family showed no bonds, she loved nothing more than having everyone around, she was an amazing mother to her sons, and a fantastic aunty, sister and daughter.”