MEMBERS at Thornton-le-Dale Bowls Club are enjoying a successful year, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

On September 12, the ladies of Thornton le Dale Bowls Club competed for the Mary Hamilton Ladies Cup with social distancing and health and safety measures.

The women’s competition was established in 1993, with pairings from the Thornton le Dales Bowls Club competing every year.

The pairings were achieved by a draw of individual names, before the competition started at 11am.

“The Mary Hamilton Cup was contested by eight of our ladies on Saturday,September 12, a record number in recent times,” said a spokesperson from the Thornton le Dales Bowls Club.

“It was a lovely day, if a little breezy and everyone really enjoyed taking part in the competition.

“The runaway winners, triumphing in all three of their games, were Chris Atkinson and Margaret Kirby, with the runners up including one of our new and upcoming bowlers Joy Ronson, with Anne Graves.”

Joyce Helliwell, chairwoman of Thornton le Dale Bowls Club, presented the Mary Hamilton Trophy to Chris Atkinson and Margaret Kirby.