COUNCILLORS have expressed their anger that Ryedale District Council (RDC) has rejected a permanent ban on lorries using a route past two primary schools.

Liberal Democrat councillors Di Keal and Steve Mason had welcomed plans to put in place a temporary experimental HGV ban on Highfield Lane in Malton, but called on the Conservative-led council to make the ban permanent until other measures to divert heavy traffic away from the area, including a new junction on the A64, are in place.

Cllr Keal said: “The safety of local children should be absolutely at the top of Ryedale councillors thinking on this issue and we are appalled that the Tory group is satisfied with a limited 18month HGV ban. The serious risk of injury to the children of Malton Primary and St Mary’s School is not going to go away at the end of this period.”

Councillors Mason and Keal also proposed an alternative to a junction being suggested at Musley Bank with a roundabout at the Huttons Ambo junction onto the A64 .

Cllr Mason added: “Our proposal would also slow speeding traffic heading east on the A64 heading from York and make the access from Huttons Ambo east much safer and easier. And most importantly it would reduce congestion in Malton and Norton as it would open up a direct route from Malton east on the A64.”

Cllr Keane Duncan, leader of RDC, said: “The HGV restriction on Highfield Road is a trial.

“The purpose of a trial is exactly that: to trial how it goes. Why would the Lib Dems want to pre-judge the outcome of that trial by calling for a permanent ban now?

“We all know that HGV bans are not going to fundamentally solve our traffic woes in Malton and Norton. The only way to do really solve things is by building the new bypass at Musley Bank and at Broughton Road.”