A WRITER with Down’s Syndrome has published a poetry book to raise money for a national charity which has supported her.

Katie Ward, 26, from Howsham, has penned a poetry book called Willow and Other Poems in aid of the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA).

She mainly gathers inspiration from her cat, called Willow, but covers other topics such as loneliness, Mother’s Day and the world during coronavirus lockdown.

“My favourite poem is called If I Love You which is about Willow, but the poem can translates to other loved one’s too,” said Katie.

“I appreciate the thoughtful and kind feedback from my peers - and the fame too.

“I’m planning another poetry book soon, with lots more ideas and hopefully more donations to the Down’s Syndrome Association.”

Katie, who attended Leavening Primary School and Malton School, started writing poetry six years ago.

With the support of her uncle Pete Northcott, from Swansea, she has published two original poetry books and created a personalised website.

All the profits from Willow and Other Poems is being donated to DSA, which supports people living with Down Syndrome live full and rewarding lives.

“When Katie was younger, the Down’s Syndrome Association was tremendously supportive and still publishes Katie’s poetry through their website,” said Katie’s mum Sharon.

“I’m amazed by her creativity and talent, the poetry covers so many different themes and beautifully written too.

“Everytime I read one of Katie’s poems, I burst with pride.

“When Pete initially published six poems, Katie was over the moon and inspired her to write more.

“Willow and Other Poems covers both funny and serious topics, plus the profits are going towards a worthwhile and supportive charity.

“So far, we have sold around 24 copies, so we implore everyone to consider buying a copy and enjoy Katie’s poetry as much as we do.”

Established by a parent support group in 1970, DSA is the only UK charity dealing with all aspects of Down’s Syndrome.

The national charity has more than 20,000 members and relies on voluntary donations to support people living with Down’s Syndrome and their families. The charities mission is to provide further understanding towards the condition and its impact upon individual lives.

For more information, visit https://katiewardspoetry.com.