INCIDENTS of people soliciting for sex near a school bus stop have been described as “disgusting” and “horrid”.

Cllr Nathan Garbutt-Moore, a member of Ryedale District Council (RDC), said he had received numerous reports from local residents that West Knapton layby is being used for sexual activity.

He said: “One of the residents was concerned because her son catches the school bus close by. She described it as ‘horrid’ and the items littered on the road as ‘disgusting’.

“I have made both North Yorkshire Police (NYP) and RDC Community Team aware.

“This is criminal activity and not welcome in our district, especially in a location where children catch the bus to school and residents live only yards away.”

Cllr Garbutt-Moore added: “The police have a tasking document that goes out every Monday morning and this matter was included in the document, placed at the top of the list at my request.

“Officers have been tasked to openly patrol this area with a view to deterring and hopefully catching somebody at the location.

“Street Scene have been tasked at cleaning up the area following reports of condoms and other litter bring present in the location.”

A spokesperson for RDC said: “We are aware of this matter and are working with police, who are actively patrolling the area. Our role is to maintain the outdoor spaces in Ryedale and ensure a clean, pleasant and safe environment for our citizens.

“Our teams have been out to clean up this area and we are also recruiting for community enforcement officers who, when in post, will patrol the area for littering offences.”

A spokesperson for NYP said: “Police have received reports that West Knapton layby is being used for sexual activity and we are patrolling the area to deter this.

“We encourage people to report incidents and information and encourage anyone who witnesses any suspicious activity to give us call when the activity is happening to enable us to take action.

“Our priority is to engage,educate and work to making it a safe area for all.”