MALTON Museum is carrying out a living history project to record how the coronavirus pandemic affected the town.

The Malton Coronavirus Diaries will be added to the museum’s archives.

A spokesperson said: "Here at Malton Museum we are keeping a record of how life presented itself this year of Covid-19. Our work will be an asset for future volunteers, historians and the public who are interested in the past.

"It is, if you like, a very small-scale version of the Mass Observation Project that was run in the Second World War and which has now proved so helpful in understanding how ordinary people lived, behaved and what they valued in war time.

“We are asking you to help us by providing details of your experiences of living in this area during the Covid-19 outbreak.

"This will be added to the museum’s archive. Please send us your special stories of Covid-19, as well as details of your regular activities through the pandemic, and tell us how the present restrictions and changes have affected your daily life. We are keen to receive photos as well but this is not essential.

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