MALTON is looking beautiful at this time of year with a feeling of autumn on the way. Although some lament the last days of summer, I think it’s a lovely time of year. Wet but warm, the moors are looking splendid, the coast sparkling and Malton itself, bustling.

I’m keen to share with you a new recipe that I picked up from my travels to Spain, a new cut of pork, so delicious, so tasty that I couldn’t keep it to myself.

Incidentally, it’s called Secreto or Secret and is perfectly true to its name. Shaun Fox, from Derek Fox Butcher & Game Dealer, using his superb butchery knowledge kindly researched this unusual cut of pork last week and I must say the results were nothing short of superb.

Now I know you might say that an authentic “Secreto” must be from an Iberico pig that has only feasted on acorns (perfectly true), but all I can say is that the Yorkshire pig that this special piece came from was second to none.

I recommend seasoning it with just salt and pepper and quickly grilling it over a medium fire or frying pan. Most important is to have it slightly pink (perfectly safe, I’m still here to tell the tale) and slice it into small narrow strips. Anyway, for you meat eaters out there, I cannot recommend it more highly. For the vegans, I can only apologise.

Back in town I’ve been buoyed up by the excellent news that the Coaching Inn Group have taken on The Talbot. This came pretty quickly after we had to take the extremely difficult decision not to reopen the 26-room hotel and restaurant in July. The fact that such an experienced operator was attracted to town is just brilliant, and in my view it is testament to how attractive Malton continues to be to visitors and new businesses. I’m sure this new chapter of The Talbot will be the best yet.

Meeting Kevin Charity (CEO of Coaching Inn Group) I was struck with how he and his team were immediately so hands-on. Kevin himself rolling up his sleeves, happily getting stuck in and inspiring his team.

Already from my first visit, the whole team were bustling about and the place felt great. Enjoying a pint (as a punter this time) was a genuine pleasure and although I haven’t tried the menu yet - it looks properly good.

Malton definitely feels like it is back to business and as always is filled with treats: Florian Poirot’s new strawberry Eclairs, James McMillan’s new excellent wine selection, and, of course, a little “Secreto” from Derek Fox if you can get your hands on it.

As I’ve said before, as soon as the government allows us, we will reintroduce Malton Food Tours, along with bigger events like the Marathon du Malton, Meadowfest and, of course, the big food festivals and Christmas market.

Our recent monthly food markets have been well attended and the next one is coming up on Saturday, September 12, from 9am to 3pm. See you there!

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