A RYEDALE cinema is preparing for its grand reopening following nearly six months of closure.

The Palace Cinema, in Malton, is reopening on Friday, October 2, after closing its doors at the beginning of lockdown in March.

Jeremy and Caroline Powell, alongside their team, have been working behind-the-scenes on extra safety precautions at the venue, including a one-way system, a regular deep-cleaning schedule and new safety signage throughout the premises.

“Our philosophy is we have to reopen sometime,” said Jeremy.

“We want to breathe some life back into the place and welcome back customers in the safest way.

“The safety procedure needs to be correct, including the right signage, making sure all facilities are spotless, a bubble area with a two or three seat gap and social distancing wherever possible.

“Our new slogan is a metre-plus of thoughtfulness, which is certainly fitting at the moment.

“Hand on heart, we are doing everything we possibly can.”

Cinemas reopened in July with staggered screening times, empty seats to enforce social distancing and deep cleaning routines.

Several studios also pulled their summer releases as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, including the new James Bond and Disney’s live action Mulan – Tenet is the first blockbuster to be released during the pandemic.

“The filming industry is like Field of Dreams - if you build it, they will come,” added Jeremy.

“It’s a continuous cycle, film studios release big blockbusters for audiences to consume.

“If that cycle stops, then it trickles down to independent businesses like ourselves.

“It’s a curious arrangement of wearing a face covering, buying a ticket, purchasing refreshments, carrying everything into the screen, removing the face covering to consume refreshments and wearing the face covering again to watch the film.

“Either way, the team cannot wait to start working again.

“Although slightly apprehensive about coronavirus, the team accept safety measures are in place and are relieved to be back.”

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