HELMSLEY was transported back to the 1960s when film crews for the long-running TV show Heartbeat came to town.

The historic Market Place came to a standstill last Tuesday when the centre was blocked off for filming outside Browns of Helmsley.

The department store was transformed into Browns of Ashfordly, the town where the series is set, for the day and onlookers watched on as actors staged an anti-fur protest for the programme, which will be aired next year.

Manager of the shop, Lynn Stockdale, who sent the pictures, said: "We were approached by the TV company three weeks ago to ask if they could use the store for the day.

"It was wonderful to see the outside display changed to 1960s fashions and they filmed a scene outside the store burning fur coats.

"People were stood watching all morning - it was great to see the town become a film set for the day."