ANGRY residents have said “enough is enough” after seeing a rise in dog fouling in their village.

People living in Welburn say they have noticed more dog mess on surrounding trails, walks and even properties since the easing of lockdown.

“The amount of dog mess in the village, on countryside pathways and farmers’ fields is an eye-sore,” said John Ryan, who lives in the village.

“Since lockdown has been lifted, there has been a huge increase in the amount of dog fouling in Welburn and the surrounding countryside.

“Welburn has a lot of dog owners, all of them responsible about cleaning up after their dogs. Many people have expressed their disgust with tales of dog mess on personal property, hung from hedges and even placed on the disposal bin itself.

“There is a crazy amount of dog mess and enough is enough.

“We have dog poo bags available in key areas around Welburn and the local vets so there is no excuse.

“This is not only a regional problem, but a national problem.

“We urge visitors to our beautiful village to be respectful and responsible dog owners and use the facilities available.”

Villagers are now appealing for visitors to use the facilities available, including a dog poo bag collection point at the Station House Vets and bins.

“It’s lovely to see people visiting our village and the surrounding countryside, but anti-social dog fouling is really becoming a problem,” said Tony and Jane Manging, who also live in Welburn.

Martin Humphreys, manager of the Crown and Cushion in Welburn, added: “It’s great to see so many visitors to the village and to our dog-friendly pub.

“Although, we do ask dog owners to be responsible, clean up after their pets and leave Welburn how you found it.”