BORIS Johnson has accused care homes for the huge Covid-19 death toll.

Two weeks after the lockdown began, Pickering councillors were consulted about relaxing planning conditions on local occupancy of extra-care facilities at Mickle Hill Retirement Village, in order to utilise spare capacity.

We agreed. One of our conditions was: “For the safety of existing residents, staff and carers, any person moved onto this site as

part of this agreement, whether temporary resident or carers, must be tested for Covid-19 prior to movement.”

We requested this simple, common sense and blindingly obvious condition without the help of a huge cohort of expert scientific and healthcare advisers, or the benefit of hindsight.

How remarkable that those in ultimate control, and where the buck allegedly stops, apparently didn’t impose the same common sense condition countrywide.

Cllr Mike Potter, Pickering West Ward

An overreaction

I DARE say if this letter appears, the lockdown situation may have eased further.

Taking nothing away from the gravity of the situation, and the feelings of relatives who have lost loved ones, I believe the restrictions imposed have been an overreaction.

The Office of National Statistics has stated, that between June 14 and 27, this year, an average of 0.04 per cent would have tested positive for Covid-19.

This does not include hospitals, care homes, or other institutional settings. This equates to 25,000 of the whole population of England.

There is around a 98 per cent survival rate of Covid-19.

Recent tests of a drug called Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) have proved very encouraging, but because the Government is pandering to the whims of the Globalist New World Order, who are touting a new vaccine, the positive testing of HCQ has been largely ignored.

I cannot help feeling we are being played and there is something Orwellian about it.

Clive Milson, Huttons Ambo

Fairer society

BLACK lives do matter. There have been a number of reports recently that have concluded that this section of our society is disadvantaged.

My wish is that Kevin Hollinrake and all MPs immediately act on the recommendations of these reports in order to end discrimination on grounds of colour or ethnicity.

The proposed new commission will only serve to delay this much needed action and the appointment of a person to oversee the process of someone who believes that racism does not hold back people or damage lives, will surely be seen as an insult by many.

The Government has claimed that it wants to “level up” our society.

What better way than by responding to the long-ignored voices of those affected by racism and acting now for a fairer society.

Josephine Downs, Swinton