A COLLECTION of stories about fairies and merfolk will be launched on Yorkshire Day, August 1.

The Fairies and Merfolk of North Yorkshire by Whitby-based author, Chris Firth, features 18 stories and 32 illustrations by Rebecca Hobbs.

Chris researched and collected the stories from libraries, museums and archives, as well as referring back to fairytale collections such as The Danby Beacon Spoon and The Golden Rings of Richmond.

“Researching the stories was absolutely fascinating,” said Chris, a member of The Folklore Society.

“We visited dusty archives, museums, old books and the reference sections of libraries throughout the county.

“We visited every location in the book, talking with local people about the tales, and we even took a paddle in Lake Gormire to look for the fabled underwater fairy city.”

The fairytale stories feature Whitby, Pickering, Helmsley, Saltburn, Staithes and many more.

“It was great fun writing it, and hopefully it will be as much fun to read. A warning though – not all of these fairies are pretty or kind,” Chris added.

The book will be available from independent bookshops from August 1 at the recommended price of £9.99. For more information, email electraglade@aol.com