A WOMAN who twice slashed her partner with a knife showed “inadequate, not dangerous” behaviour, according to a judge.

Samantha Jane Barr, 47, threw a block of knives across her partner’s kitchen before picking up one of the knives from the floor and lashing out with it, said Rob Galley, prosecuting.

She caused two “low grade cuts, not very deep” to the man’s chest and stomach area, he said.

The victim was only wearing boxer shorts at the time.

Barr, of Sycamore Road, Barlby, pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm.

“Fortunately, your drunken behaviour shows you are really inadequate, not dangerous, and therefore I can suspend the sentence,” Judge Simon Hickey told her at York Crown Court.

He suspended a 12-month prison sentence for 12 months on condition Barr does 30 days’ rehabilitation activities.

Her solicitor advocate David Camidge gave no mitigation after the judge said he had read psychiatric and probation service reports on her including details about difficulties in her past.

Mr Galley said the couple had been in a relationship for six years and the man thought Barr drank too much.

In the past she had made allegations about her partner.

On March 8, they were drinking vodka and watching television at his Norton home.

According to the victim, Barr was more intoxicated than him, so he decided to go to bed to get away from her.

But they started arguing, both swearing at each other.

He wanted her to leave, but she said he had her phone and went to the kitchen.

There she threw the knife block and all its knives fell onto the floor.

He warned her he was recording the incident on his mobile phone.

But she still picked up one of the knives, and slashed him with it twice.

Mr Galley said on June 1, Barry was again at her partner’s house, with his consent. She had injured herself in a fall.

Barr has a previous conviction for wounding a woman in a nightclub by throwing a glass.