MALTON Museum is to remain closed for the rest of the year due to the impact of coronavirus.

Run by a team of volunteers, the museum, which is based in the Subscription Rooms in Yorkersgate, is usually open to the public from Easter to October.

The volunteers, along with Friends of the Museum, also run outreach workshops and lectures.

However, the trustees have decided that, due to the difficulties in complying with social distancing measures, the museum will remain closed in 2020.

A spokesperson said: “The trustees of Malton Museum have reluctantly decided that in the current situation it will not be possible to open the museum to the public during 2020.

“This is a disappointing decision but the limitations of our premises in Yorkersgate, plus the cost of installation, prohibit us from setting up a socially distancing system which would allow our volunteers, visitors and friends to visit in a safe environment.”

The spokesperson added: “However, work continues behind the scenes, our volunteer teams continue to work on several projects. Currently we have a Living History Research project ongoing and although we will be unable to hold children’s workshops this summer, there are several activities for children and adults using our online presence.

“Activities include virtual town tours, museum tours, and for children ‘Lucius’ Challenge’ and word searches.

“We look forward to welcoming volunteers, friends and visitors back at Easter 2021. Our re-opening date will be widely publicised. Meanwhile, keep in touch and see what we are doing on social media.”

To access virtual tour and for more information, go to email or find Malton Museum on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.