A BUSINESSWOMAN who took over the shop her parents ran for nearly 40 years is backing the Gazette & Herald’s Love Local Business campaign.

Davina Mortimer left a 20-year career in midwifery to take over The Beecham Weigh in Yorkersgate, Malton.

She said: “I have a huge sentimental attachment to the shop as my parents bought it in the year I was born.

“I am so excited about the changes we have made at the shop so far and developing it into a hub with its focus on improving health holistically - from the inside out.

“I love Malton and the changes that have developed in our beautiful town over the last few years.

“Now more than ever, as the country is opening its doors, as we are venturing out into a new world, it is vital that we continue to support the local independent shops of Malton and Norton.

“As statistics and research suggest, supporting local shops is key to getting our economy going again.

"Local independent shops are the backbone of our town and have worked incredibly hard over the last few years, and during lockdown, to ensure our town remains beautiful, vibrant and relevant.

“We are so very lucky to have such great local shops.

"Please continue to support us as we work incredibly hard to support our community and the local economy.

“If we all spent £5 a week in local shops, instead of online or at national companies our towns would thrive.”

For more information phone 01653 695145 or go to thebeechamweigh.com