THE TALBOT Hotel in Malton will not reopen next week due to pressures on the tourism industry.

Tom Naylor-Leyland, a director of the hotel company, said it had had to make the 'difficult decision' and the future of the hotel would be kept under active review

Tom Naylor-Leyland, a director of the hotel company, said: “Sadly, we have decided not to reopen the hotel on July 4. This is heart-breaking for our loyal members of staff and a very difficult decision for my family who have loved and enjoyed the hotel for so many years”.

“Today’s news is a reminder of the pressure that the tourism industry is now under as a result of Covid-19 but we hope that this beautiful part of the world will attract more visitors to the wonderful shops and businesses in Malton.

In the meantime, we will continue to focus on supporting the commercial businesses and residents of Malton as many entrepreneurial, family owned companies who have proved how adaptable and innovative they can be in reacting to challenging circumstances.

"We have already seen in action many positive examples of how businesses have responded and the Estate is actively exploring how Malton can collectively adapt and remain a place to live, enjoy and do business, for locals and visitors.”

Options for the future of the hotel are being kept under active review.

The Fitzwilliam Estate has been providing financial assistance to local businesses who were ordered to close their doors and, looking ahead for the foreseeable future, this will continue to be the focus.

Anyone who has a booking should contact their booking agent or the Talbot if the booking has been made directly: