THE owners of bars and breweries in Malton have made a cautious welcome to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement that pubs can reopen from next month.

Phil Saltonstall, from Brass Castle Brewery in Yorkersgate, said: "“I welcome the Prime Minister’s statement for the direction that it now provides us in beginning to reopen UK pubs. This announcement however, comes far too late for many smaller independent breweries to meet the July 4 opening date - where beer production times are usually significantly longer than large industrial breweries.

Phil, who is also Brewery Coordinator at The Campaign for Pubs, a new national grassroots campaign to promote, support and protect pubs, added: "The government has failed to meet its own timetable and this late announcement now favours those larger breweries. We are very conscious of the risks that we have to manage now to protect our hospitality workers, as well as our customers, as we seek cautiously to reopen pubs, taphouses and other community hubs. For many venues, those continued risks and necessary restrictions will make reopening unviable, if not impossible.”

Phil, is Brewery Coordinator at The Campaign for Pubs, a new national grassroots campaign for pubs that has been launched, to campaign to promote, support and protect pubs.

The Campaign for Pubs has been established by a group of prominent licensees, leading pub campaigners, small brewers and pub lovers including academics, musicians and actors.

Phil added: "British pubs have a charming, unique and well-founded role in our society. They are safe spaces for responsible drinking and watchful community hubs. They have also always been venues for conversation, thought and inspiration. As their numbers dwindle and the character of the UK pub landscape is squashed beneath large corporate entities or mega-breweries, we need a Campaign for Pubs to protect those community goods now more than ever."

Rory Craig-Queen, owner of Chapter Two bar in Malton, said: "It’s not going to be as easy as many may think. I would have preferred a date of Monday, July 6 this would generally be a quieter time and given us a chance to test our strategies.

"I worry that the fourth, a Saturday, will bring everyone out and so make it difficult for all licensees & staff to police the property’s in a civilised and structured manner.

"We all want our pubs to be fun and civilised,

"I just hope that everyone treats the opening with respect and act in a fair civilised manner with a fair amount of understanding for others around them.”