CORONAVIRUS lockdown has ticked over to week 12. Normal tasks seems daunting, walking around a blind-corner seems daunting, searching for a needle in a shopping-shaped haystack seems - you guessed it - daunting.

Yet during the darkest times, lockdown has some silver linings.

Photographers are now archiving every emotion, transition, community comradery and precious family time.

Sarah Beevers, from Pickering, is documenting lockdown experiences with a series of doorstep photography.

All social distancing measures are adhered to; Sarah is sticking to Pickering and making additional journeys to Malton. “Having my new-born, Grace, is wonderful, but daytimes can sometimes feel lonely when my husband is working,” said Sarah.

“Photography is a wonderful tool to create fond memories and encourage five minutes of conversations outside your house, from a safe distance.”

Sarah and her husband, Matt Beevers, own Maison Du Vin in Malton, which is currently closed due to the restrictions.

Before setting up Maison Du Vin, Sarah studied A-levels in textiles and photography at York College, before placing her creative passion on the backburner - until now.

“Taking photographs in different scenarios - with children pulling goofy faces and beaming smiles - summarises how precious this time is,” added Sarah. “It very rare that every household member is together, enjoying each others company and treasuring quality time together.”

To book a slot, send your name, address, phone number and email to or @s.k.bphotography via Instagram. Rather than touching doorbells or knocking on doors, a message will be sent on arrival.