A PREGNANT mum of two has spoken of her frustration at the government’s response to Covid-19 after contracting the virus.

Beth Hilder, who lives in Norton, with her husband James and two young sons, booked a coronavirus test after suffering from a sore throat.

The 35-year-old started with very mild symptoms last Wednesday, and was tested on Thursday at a local testing station. She had a positive result 32 hours later on Friday.

Beth, a physiotherapist, said this had raised concerns about a number of issues, including children going back to school and the actions of the government’s advisor Dominic Cummings.

Beth said she was equally frustrated with the test and trace system.

She said: “I feel the government has implied the reason it is safe to send the children back to school is because we have this new robust track and trace system, which I am still waiting to hear from.

“I don’t believe they are sat doing nothing, the fact I haven’t heard from them to me says this new system is already overwhelmed, putting a serious question on the timing of kids returning to school.

“I don’t think we’re far off, I just feel our government, like they have done all along, have made too many wrong assumptions.”

Beth said she had taken matters into her own hands and had been in touch with all those she had been in contact with.

“Why are we putting already limited money into a service that was used to reassure people this would protect them in the easing of lockdown and reopening of schools if it’s either not ready for service or already overwhelmed?” she said.

“Before I tested positive for coronavirus, James and I had made the decision for Dylan to return to school on June 1 because I’m a keyworker.

“We feel it is actually too early for most kids to return, but felt Dylan was at the same risk where ever he was because of me, and as key worker kids had been going to Norton primary we felt the school has already had practice in the right precautions to take.”

The family has been self-isolating at home since last week.

“Fortunately I’ve barely known I’ve had it. Just two days of a sore throat and head cold, and now loss of smell, but no temperature or persistent cough,” she added.

MP Kevin Hollinrake said: “In my view, Mrs Hilder needs to be able to address the following questions before making a decision to move to Barnsley.

“Can she not self-isolate at home? Would she able to make the journey safely and without using public transport or stopping?

“On arrival would she be able to self-isolate in a separate dwelling for 14 days without any physical interaction with another household? If she can meet with these conditions, then I think she could decide to make the journey if she feels that it is in the best interests of her children.”

He added: “I understand she is concerned that she has not had a response to her test and I will look into it.”

“Cummings transported the virus across the country to very near where my mother-in-law who, has auto immune disease, lives,” she said.

“I don’t see why he should be free to make decisions about which strangers he puts at risk.”

Beth said she had contacted Ryedale and Malton MP Kevin Hollinrake with the code of her test to ask him if he would support her to take her children to her mother’s house in Barnsley for child care.

“In the end my and I husband are stayed calm, assessed all our options and took advice from our family and friends before making any rash decisions that may have spread the virus further and put the police into an awkward position if we were stopped,” she said.

“We decided to lockdown and are getting through it with support of friends because we understand we are no different to everyone else, and you can’t be selfish in times like these.”

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