I WOULD imagine by now that some, like myself, will have rediscovered the delights of cycling.

If you haven’t, might I suggest you take advantage of the relatively low volumes of traffic on our roads and explore our truly beautiful countryside.

As part of your daily exercise regime there is simply no better time to “get on your bike”.

Once we are through this chaos, and we will come through, I hope that the North Yorkshire Highways appreciate the value of this form of exercise and improve facilities for cyclists to make it safer and an even more enjoyable experience. Stay safe, avoid the potholes.

Ray King, Malton

In this together?

There were two contrasting items together in the Gazette & Herald, April 22.

The first was how the North Yorkshire Moors Railway’s future is now under threat due to our lockdown. Below this was the news that Kevin Hollinrake MP had secured funding to help racing stables over this period.

Does this give lie to the claim that we are “all in this together” if we can find money for horse racing but not for heritage projects?

Glyn Wild, Swinton

Carry on, please

AFTER reading your article, Sarah Walker, in the Gazette & Herald on April 22, about the financial situation of journalists such as yourself, I just had to write in support of all that you currently do, to thank you for bringing pleasure and interest to we locked-down folk and to say please carry on producing your wonderful articles.

We, your readers, are mostly silent but we appreciate you enormously, nevertheless.

We love reading anything and everything about the countryside: nature of any kind, tales that your father told you, encounters with interesting wildlife or interesting folk, etc, but, above all, please carry on doing what you do so well.

With very best wishes

Emma MacMillan, Malton

Postie thumbs-up

OVER the last few weeks we have been inundated with messages and pictures in praise of the extra lengths our postmen and women have been going to during the coronavirus crisis. Thank you to your readers for taking the time to show their appreciation.

We know how much people like to say hi or have a chat with their postie, but during this time, we need to find new ways of staying connected whilst also protecting our communities.

This is why we’ve launched our “Thumbs-up” campaign. It’s a simple way for the public to say thanks and stay connected with their local postie, while respecting the Government’s social distancing rules.

We’ve made it easy for your readers can become involved and show their appreciation. “Thumbs- Up” templates are available from royalmail.com to download, decorate and put in their front windows.

We’re really proud of what our postmen and women are doing in these challenging times, and we know you’ll want to join us in thanking them for everything they’re doing.

Shane O’Riordain, Royal Mail