A MAJOR injection of funding to help prevent flooding in Malton, Old Malton and Norton has been welcomed by campaigners.

The York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has approved £500,000 towards the cost of the project which will also see North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) invest £450,000 and Ryedale District Council (RDC) £320,000.

The project will also see capital improvements to Riggs Road drain in Old Malton, improvements to local flood warning procedures, the construction of chambers to house temporary pumps and control of surface and groundwater “flowpaths” in Castlegate and Sheepfoot Hill.

Cllr Martin Dales, Malton Town Council’s member for flooding issues and flood warden for Malton and Old Malton, said: “Local residents welcome this injection from the LEP of major funding along with of others including NYCC, RDC, Malton Town Council and hopefully the Environment Agency too which will finance the £1.5m upgrade.

“Although the hope was for permanent pumping solutions, the fact that temporary pumps will be fitted in specially constructed chambers is appreciated, and it is to be hoped that this and the other works will alleviate flooding from both River Derwent and surface-water drainage. If these additions are to work well, there is a need throughout the three communities to maintain the clearance of gullies on a regular, basis.”

It is understood the county council will look to press ahead with the scheme when possible as the enterprise partnership’s grant award must be spent before April 2021. The scheme is costed at about £1.5m – down from an initial estimate of £3m as it will feature chambers to hold the temporary pumps rather than permanent ones.

Malton county councillor Lindsay Burr said she was thrilled the project was set to be fully funded after eight years of constructive cross-party working.

She said: “This will come as a huge relief to residents. It will help reduce the risk of flooding to properties and ensure that the economic viability of our towns is not put at risk due to flooding events.”