PEOPLE are being reminded again to stay at home after reports visitors are still travelling to villages.

Scarborough Borough Council says it has received reports of people still visiting some of the borough’s villages and using its car parks in those locations.

Cllr Tony Randerson, the council cabinet member for Neighbourhoods, said: “Large parts of our borough are quiet, as they should be, but we are hearing that some village residents are still seeing people that don’t live, work or have vulnerable relatives there, parking up for exercise or to look round.

"We have alerted North Yorkshire Police to the information we have received and I’d like to remind people that our car parks, including the ones we operate in villages, remain open only for permit holders and key workers.

“I understand that the rural nature of our villages makes them appealing places to visit, but please save your enjoyment for when this outbreak is over.

"In the meantime, please stay at home, stay safe and take your daily exercise only in the immediate vicinity of where you live.”