A KIRKBYMOORSIDE group is appealing for residents to help with a “living through history” project.

During the Second World War, a project to record the everyday lives of people was launched, a project which was turned into a TV film featuring Victoria Wood as Housewife, 49.

Kirkbymoorside History Group is looking for volunteers of all ages to record their experiences of life during this current coronavirus crisis.

Louise Mudd, from the group, said:”This period of change, chaos and uncertainty is unlike anything experienced by the current population and we want to capture it for future generations.

“We will provide you with a notebook to record your struggles and successes over the next three to four months which will go into the town’s archives for prosperity.

“No personal details will ever be published but they will form a fascinating database for those in years to come.”

Anyone who would like to take part or find out more about the project should phone the group on 01751 432064 and a notebook will be provided. For more information on Kirkbymoorside History Group, go to kmshistory.btck.co.uk