THE number of confirmed coronavirus cases has risen by 24 across York, North and East Yorkshire.

Figures published tonight by Public Health England show there had been 17 confirmed cases in the City of York Council area by 9am today - three up from 14 at the same time yesterday.

In the North Yorkshire County Council area, there were 69 positive diagnoses, up by 19 from the figure of 50 at 9am yesterday.

And in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council area, there were 23 confirmed cases, up by two on yesterday's figure of 21.

The statistics only represent the more serious cases of coronavirus, as only people who are seriously ill are generally tested, but they give a broad picture of how an area is faring during the pandemic.

The figures are considerably worse in some other areas of the country. Birmingham had 356 confirmed cases, Hampshire 317 and Sheffield had 286 at 9am today.