THOUSANDS of leaflets have been delivered to households across Ryedale to help support vulnerable people during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Ryedale Covid19 Network has distributed 13,000 leaflets to all the main market towns and many villages.

Volunteers are signing up to do shopping, collect prescriptions etc. for people who are either already self-isolating or are vulnerable due to age or underlying health conditions. Each area is now organising its own volunteers to support people in the local area.

Jack Ashton, coordinator said: “I’ve been totally overwhelmed by the support flooding in from across Ryedale. In only a week this has gone from a nice idea I had to stop myself feeling anxious sat at home with my daughter to a network of volunteers helping people in nearly every town and village in Ryedale.”

“Thank you so much to everyone already helping someone and we all stand ready to do our bit to help us all get through this.”

Cllr Di Keal, coordinator, district and town councillor said:“It is truly inspiring to see that so many people are putting caring for others first in the current crisis. There is so much genuine kindness and willingness to help out there and we all need to thank these amazing volunteers for everything they are doing.”

Cllr Steve Mason, coordinator and district councillor: “.

“We are building a well-connected communications stream to provide and share the best and most up to date info that we receive from the local authorities, support local business and support our local community, whilst we can feasibly can.

“We are also in a position to offer this service to communicate with many people as possible to make sure no one is forgotten during the current lockdown.”