AMPLEFORTH College has announced that Robin Dyer is to stay on as head teacher for another two years.

Mr Dyer, who joined as head in August 2019, has accepted the trustees’ request to stay on until at least January 2022.

The college says Mr Dyer will now be staying on at Ampleforth to “embed the changes he is making and establish a strategic plan for the next ten years and beyond”.

He said: “I am delighted to be staying on longer. This school has really got under my skin and has so much exciting potential.

“I arrived here with a clear educational vision for the 21st century and was genuinely surprised to discover how closely this chimed with what happens at Ampleforth.

“Based on Benedictine values, the focus is on the growth of the individual as part of a dynamic community; recognising and nurturing every person’s unique talents and equipping them with the skills and attitude to thrive in the world and benefit the communities they go into."

Ampleforth College has also announced that it has passed its recent Independent Schools Inspectorate’s compliance inspection after a period of concern over its safeguarding approach in the past.

It is now recognised as a professionally-led school with the “excellent systems of care, responsibility and accountability expected in today’s boarding schools”.

Mr Dyer said:“Our task is to build on all that we have done right and constantly seek to improve yet further, for the benefit of our students, staff and parents. Ampleforth is now moving forward with drive and ambition as a leader in education and with excitement about the future.”