A PICKERING man is dedicating his spare time to cleaning up litter.

Richard Askews noticed a problem with littering in Pickering Beck after walking his 11-year-old daughter, Jade, to school.

Alongside working a full-time job, at Invicta Bakeware, in Pickering, Richard volunteers all his resources to helping the environment, sometimes collecting more than three bin bags of rubbish.

“There is a big problem with littering,” said Richard.

“The litter is mainly discarded bottles, cans or bags – but the strangest things I’ve seen?

“One week, I fished out a couple of trollies from the beck.

“Another week, someone left a bag of around eight used nappies, not the most pleasant discovery. Feeling bad about leaving it, I did clean it up.

“Even cleaning one bag of rubbish can make a massive difference to the community.”

Being the only volunteer, Richard has cleaned the beck for more than three years, along with the help of his daughter, Jade.

Moving to Pickering in 2004, Richard has struggled with mental health issues, which, he says, is helped by being active in the community and spreading awareness.

“I love spending quality time with my daughter; teaching

her about the importance of looking after the environment and doing a good deed,” said Richard.

“When I read all the great comments and feedback on social media, about what a good job I’m doing for the community, it’s an amazing feeling.

“Any donations of equipment is greatly appreciated, although the feeling of helping others is really fulfilling.”

For more information, visit facebook.com/beckcleanup