A MALTON salon has launched a new campaign to encourage people to “#be kind”.

Number One Health & Beauty in Market Place has decided to ban gossip magazines in the salon to help support mental health following the death of television presenter Caroline Flack.

Owner Lauren Addinall said: “My problem with these magazines is they do not portray real people, they are airbrushed so they don’t look like that in reality.

“They also put people down, advertise personal problems, disrespect the outfits people are wearing, the list goes on.”

Lauren said that instead of gossip magazines they were providing other publications and colouring books.

Caroline Flack, who presented a number of television programmes, including Love Island, took her own life at her east London home last month.

Lauren said she had received a very positive response to the magazine ban.

“A little thing we have changed in the salon is making so much difference on people’s lives,” she said.

“I am so so proud we have done this in the salon.

“Everyone has said what a good idea it is and there has been lots of positive feedback which has been encouraging.

“I now hope other salons in the area will do the same thing to support our customers.”

Lauren said supporting people was very important to her.

“Mental health is at the forefront of our business,” she said.

“I people to know the salon is a safe haven for you to talk in confidence and we will always listen, to anything, any thing at all.

“It’s often easier to off load when it’s not a close fried or family member.

“Please don’t suffer in silence life is precious.”