WHEN is the council going to do something about the horrendous traffic and parking in Kirkbymoorside?

Driving down Market Place is a dreadful experience, cars parked illegally, a potential danger to

other drivers and pedestrians, cars double parked causing obstruction, parking on double yellow lines, and long vehicles jutting out into the road.

Many drivers are oblivious to the traffic behind them and often just stop with no indication.

The whole town is congested with parked cars, while the public car park stays empty.

A suggestion would be to allocate a designated space in the public car park for Post Office vans whom take up a considerable amount of parking spaces in the town.

With proposed residential development planned, how will the current infrastructure support even more traffic?

Is it not time this situation was addressed?

Elaine Fretwell-Munns, Kirkbymoorside

Council tax rise

WELL I can understand Cllr Keane Duncan’s dissatisfaction at being outvoted by the authority who over ruled him in favour of increasing our council tax bills by an extra £5 to help fight climate change when they are sitting pretty on a £15 million fortune.

Well using it to fight climate change won’t fix our potholes, broken relationships nor will it give us a pay rise for the inconvenience, which the council deem fit that it will be money well spent without even consulting those who pay the bills.

Robert Peter Thorpe, Pickering

Environment win

THE government’s decision to expand Heathrow was ruled “unlawful” by the Court of Appeal, on climate change grounds, following successful legal challenges.

This is a massive win for our environment - the court found that the Paris Agreement on climate change had to be taken into account.

For years Heathrow bosses have been shouting from the rooftops that expansion is essential for creating jobs and trade opportunities.

But research by the New Economics Foundation shows a third runway at Heathrow would just divert investment and job opportunities away from regions outside the South East.

Instead of fixating on planet-wrecking airport expansion projects, it’s time for investment to be directed at creating local green jobs across the UK.

It’s a myth that fixing the climate comes at the expense of job creation. Renewable energy, clean transport, and research into sustainable materials all have the potential to create thousands of jobs.

Simon Bowens, Yorkshire and North East campaign organiser, Friends of the Earth, London

Family appeal

RE: Tracing photographs and information on Fred Ellerby Bn, date of birth 16.3.1891.

I am researching my family tree and Fred Ellerby is my great grandfather who died in the First World War.

None of my family have photographs/pictures of him, although I do have some information on his life before he joined 5th Battalion Green Howards. His father was Thomas Ellerby and lived in Eastgate, Pickering.

Fred was married to Florence Hall who lived in Smiddy Hill, Pickering. Sadly Fred died in 1918 a few months before the war ended.

Can any of your readers provide any details of his life and indeed some photographs for me to add to his family tree.

I am happy for people to contact me by emailing amanda.herriott@btinternet.com

Thanking you in anticipation.

Amanda Herriott, Ladbroke, Warkwickshire