FOR this month’s feature, members of Kirkbymoorside Camera Club have focused on colourful markets around the world.

David Ireland - Indoor Market, Johannesburg

When I visited the market, it wasn’t the colourful display of spices that caught my eye but the description on each one. I particularly liked Mother-in-Law Exterminator.

Barrie Tuck - Fish Market

Taken at the famous fish market on the Grand Canal in Venice. One of the oldest in Europe, the market serves the many local inhabitants, as well as the tourist restaurants.

Harry Kingman - Self Service

Wild donkeys live on the Karpass Peninsula in north-east Cyprus. At the end of the peninsula is the Apostolos Andreas Monastery, which was once known as “the Lourdes of Cyprus” as such it is visited by many people. Stalls have been set up selling food for the donkeys and fresh drinks for the visitors, sometimes the donkeys just help them selves.

Julie Cowdy - Hong Kong

Buzzing with activity, this street market in Hong Kong was full of colour and activity, but not for the faint-hearted, unless you like being in very close contact. I witnessed it from my vantage point at the top of a tourist bus.

Joyce Kingman - November in Chile

It was a joy to see heaps of colourful produce on the market stalls in Chile last November. This one is next to the famous fish market in the colonial city of Valdivia, one of the oldest European settlements in Chile.

Paul Stevenson - Scarves

I was on holiday with some friends in Fethiye when our wives spotted this scarf shop by the side of the road. They spent every waking hour trying to find pashminas to wear round their shoulders in the cooler evenings. This shop had hundreds of them, and at a very good price, once the haggling was over. It seems they tell you a price, you offer half, and they settle at around 75 per cent of asking. Why they just don’t publish the lower prices in the first place, I’ll never know.

Andrew Hollins - Norwich Market

The market stalls are eye-catching, but to get the best view you need to go to the first floor of a clothing shop, which happens to be the women’s department. I was not inclined to take too much time as wandering around the ladies department with a camera was not a good idea. Considering it was quick work I was pleased with the end result.

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