PLANS to demolish a pub on the A64 should be thrown out because the building is of “national significance”.

The Four Alls Inn between York and Malton could be knocked down and two homes built in its place.

One resident has objected to the plans, saying the building “was considered of national significance when it opened, being featured in The Builders Journal in 1900”.

York Civic Trust has objected to the plans, saying: “Four Alls Inn is one of the very few surviving ‘roadhouses’ between York and Scarborough - with this one created in a fascinating era when the mode of transport was beginning to crossover from horse to motorcar transportation.”

The trust also argues the site is in the green belt and questions if homes should be built alongside a busy road. It says: “York Civic Trust argues that the proposal for two new private residences within the city’s Green Belt and demolition of a unique, historic building is not outweighed by the construction of two residential homes in what is an unsuitable location besides a busy, polluted arterial road.”

The pub closed after trading levels dropped by about a quarter in the past year.