RYEDALE Family History Group has reprinted a book highlighting a rural community nearly 30 years after it was originally published.

Tessa Mitchell, a volunteer with Ryedale Family History Group, researched Strensall In The Mid-19th Century over a number of years.

It aims to show a rural community before mechanisation took hold and changed life completely. It takes the reader on a trip around Strensall and the out-laying houses and farms by local resident John Spruce, who was the schoolmaster and also a farmer in the 19th century.

John sets off from his home on March 31, 1851, to take the 10-year census by recording the particulars of everyone who spent the previous night at Strensall. The book includes maps, drawings, family trees and photos of properties, along with listing all the occupants.

Tessa said: “The work for this book was carried out over a number of years whilst I was studying for a Certificate in Local History.

“I did this before computers and the internet were widely available, it meant spending time in libraries and archives. Friends and family encouraged me to publish the book, to fund the printing of the book I offered subscriptions to the book in advance.”

Janice Wood, the group’s chairman, said: “We are very pleased to be able to offer the book through our website and Research Room. Whether you are a resident of Strensall or not, this book is a good read as Tessa’s style is accessible, engaging, well presented and full of information. For anyone interested in local history this book is recommended.”

For more information, go to ryedalefamilyhistory.org