AS another new year gets under way, there is always a tendency to glance back and take stock. Christmas was good, on the whole, but Christmas Day 2019 will always be remembered in our house as the time when eldest granddaughter, Bethany, broke her arm.

It was one of those, silly, freak accidents; just a simple slip in the car park at the farm while giving her sister a piggy back.

One minute she was looking forward to Christmas lunch and the next she was heading off to A&E where the staff, I must say, were absolutely brilliant and within an hour Beth was on her way back home with a selection box, temporary cast in situ and yes, her lunch was still warm.

Thankfully, we were told that the break should heal within three to four weeks, so all was well that ended well.

New Year’s Eve I was at the vets with Brigadier who had developed an abscess on his eye.

This poor little chap has had a pretty rough time over the last few months, in fact ever since we lost his mum in April.

Eleven isn’t that old for his line, but Brig has definitely aged a fair bit recently.

His inflammatory bowel disease, which had been under control for so many years, flared up shortly after Jennifer died and is only just beginning to calm down once again.

Brig is also beginning to show signs of arthritis in one of his front legs and now he has a poorly eye as well.

I feel sure that the fact that, for the first time in his life, he is now an “only dog” cannot be helping matters.

Granted, we have two cats and he gets on very well with both of them, especially Miss Teddi, who sometimes joins us on our morning walk, but it’s not quite the same.

One of our lovely dog walkers, who comes in to see him out at lunch time when I am working, has a little Cockerpoo called Bella and I know that Brig enjoys her company immensely.

On New Year’s Day, we had the family over for lunch, which included Brig’s sister Millie who lives with my daughter and her family.

Well, what a fabulously, riotous time both dogs had. Round and round the garden they chased, up and down the stairs; not sure the cats were terribly impressed.

The following day, both my granddaughters returned for a sleepover and they were both greeted enthusiastically albeit briefly, by Brigadier who walked passed them to stand in the doorway and scan the garden looking, I felt sure, for Millie.

Not normally one for New Year’s resolutions, however, on this occasion a decision has been made and I have resolved to find a friend for Brigadier.

Not worried about breed/type, just something smallish, maybe Cavalier sized. Not fussed about age, but would probably prefer a more mature little lady, which after all, is what we have both been used to and if she has been “cat tested” that would be even better.

So fingers crossed, ear to the ground and here’s to a very happy new year for us all.