A NORTH Yorkshire town has been revealed as the most popular British holiday destination for 2019.

The UK’s leading holiday rental marketplace Snaptrip says the most popular staycations last year was Whitby, beating the likes of nearby York, which came fourth, and Welsh holiday spots Tenby and Anglesey, which were second and third, respectively.

The platform’s booking and traffic data shows that the seaside town was the most popular destination for British holidaymakers in 2019, and has an average price of £490 for three nights, eight per cent less than the UK average.

After analysing annual booking and traffic data, Snaptrip discovered that the south of England is no longer a popular staycation hotspot for British holidaymakers, with parts of Northern England and Wales dominating the top 10 list.

The top 10 most popular British staycation destinations of 2019, along with the average price for a three-night stay in each area, are:

1. Whitby - £490

2. Tenby - £576

3. Anglesey - £495

4. York - £480

5. Dyfed (Pembrokeshire) - £455

6. Keswick - £592

7. St Ives - £596

8. Isle of Wight - £470

9. Newquay - £494

10. Skegness - £341

Matt Fox, CEO and co-founder of Snaptrip, said: “The UK is the home to some truly beautiful destinations, there really is no reason to not go and explore more of it.

"Some might be surprised that Whitby is the most popular staycation destination, many think of the Lake District or Cornwall when they think of "British holiday", but there’s a real emerging trend for holidaying in the North East - it’s got some of the most breathtaking scenery our country has to offer, and it’s quite a bit cheaper.

“It’s clear that staycations are going to continue to grow in popularity, which might be down to the rising price of holidaying abroad, uncertainty around Brexit or people simply discovering the amazing spots our country has to offer. Either way, domestic holiday let companies and owners are certainly enjoying the boost in business.”

For more information, go to snaptrip.com/holiday-cottages/yorkshire